To Celebrate Necroma, Let’s Become Deathless…

One thing that I enjoy about idol groups is their motivating sense of continual self-improvement. You watch a unit make their debut, a bit rough around the edges, not quite together, certainly rather amateurish, and witness through their hard work and commitment, their transformation into a next-level talent to be reckoned with. Necronomidol is such a group for me. They’re a textbook example of watching an idol group grow as a unit and evolve their sound and talents. They were always unique and interesting, but now they’re really displaying the chops of an ace group. Over the years they’ve evolved from a mysterious curiosity into one of my favorite groups.


Now here they are, with some familiar faces graduated, and new members onboard, about to release their latest album, “Deathless” on February 22nd. I know I’m not alone in being quite excited for the new release, especially in light of what a treasure their ep “From Chaos Born”, turned out to be. It’s not exaggeration to say it was easily one of the best things that came out in 2016, and at the rate this group is raising the bar, I’ve little doubt that the new album is going to deliver the goods once again.


With this in mind, once again, in the tradition of the New Idol Army Movement and Passcode initiative, The Maniac and myself are now turning our eyes towards Necroma for our latest fan outreach scheme.

And it involves make-up.


The inspiration for this came from a single photo of Risaki sporting some corpse-paint make-up that recalled the late singer “Dead” from the legendary Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. I was looking at this photo, along with some recent live videos, and when considering the new album is called “Deathless”, I had this mad vision of Necronomidol fans everywhere taking to social media and showing their love for the darkest idols of all by posting photos of themselves in corpse-paint, especially as twitter profile pics!

So here’s my pitch: On February 24th (Friday), post an image of yourself enshrouded in your necro-best. I was picking the Friday after the release to give fans time to get their looks together and get some photos they like.  Now hold on, I know there’s a bunch of you that are hardcore fans, but don’t really want to go that far out. Okay fine, if you don’t want to go all-in painting yourself, slap a spider on your face like Sari at least. Or give yourself “digital make-up” with photoshop if you wish. You don’t have to necessarily go all King Diamond here, but ultimately, you should do your best to please the dark idol overlords so you don’t risk eternal damnation of your soul. The Necroma girls will appreciate it and hey, this is your soul we’re talking here…


To help demonstrate my sincerity, I spent part of the day doing some field study to see how doable this is. Basically, all you need is white and black make-up. (But you can totally use red, or dark green, or something else if it looks evil to you.) It’s not October but you can hit up a party store, craft shop, theatrical shop, or even a Walmart type place. You only need the really cheap stuff that washes off easily. I just slapped the white on and used a q-tip to get to the more sensitive parts of my face, as well as shaping the black areas a little bit. It really doesn’t need to look “professional”, just diabolical. I would however, recommend you wear a shirt you don’t really mind getting make-up smeared on though, so don’t pull out your favorite Babymetal and BiS shirts for this one. And if you look around online, you’ll find more than a few photo references and tutorials if you’re feeling adventurous in you efforts.

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

Have fun and play around with it, and then get some photos taken! Just be careful not to scare the children at the park. (Neither me or the Maniac will accept responsibility for any arrests due to this project.) Then, on February 24th., post your pics (especially profile photos!) and use the tag #Deathless4Necroma . That’s it!!!!

Think of how awesome it’ll be to see the reactions of the girls as fans beyond Japan show their love and willingness to sacrifice for Necronomidol! We won’t be merely playing dead, we’ll be playing “deathless”!!!!


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