MAY 22th, Let’s make a PAINFULLY VIOLENT statement for Guso Drop!!!


For anybody who’s reading this, I have no doubt that just like me, you love this music, but, also like me, I suspect that participating in the fandom is a big reward as well. At times, I think that the fun of fan interaction and participation rivals the very subject matter that bonds all this together. A lot of us western idol fans inhabit remote islands where the nearby population of fellow like-minded neighbors is close to zero. The internet thankfully provides us with the soup-cans and strings that allow us to share and spread what we love most and keep us connected.

There’s a lot of great stuff that comes out of this, from entertaining blogs to fan-groups to podcasts, and wacky projects where we get to celebrate all this. This is largely what spawned the impetus to concoct a series of fan-community campaigns directed at the artists we love. The primary point of the projects, as I’ve said before, is to make a directed statement to idol groups, management, labels, and agencies that there is an amazing and largely untapped resource of fans outside of Japan who are able to organize and rally support. The second purpose is to bring fans scattered across the sea together and have a bunch of fun.


In the same spirit, Kerrie, the net’s greatest Weaboo Witch, has a running feature via Homicidols that adds a whole new reason to look forward to Friday, and most recently she knocked it out of the park with a project based around the sunniest girl in a punk-idol group you could ever come to adore, and it was a smash hit. Yura of Guso Drop LOVED it. She loved it so much that #YuraSmile is now part of her personal hashtag arsenal. And it was, as fate would have it, a fantastic coincidence that Guso Drop was already slated to be the latest object of affection for a new fan awareness project

Guso Drop have a new release that drops on May 17th, their album titled “Painfully Violent”. You’ve likely seen the already infamous MV, and no doubt, you’ve seen the clever scheme that the group is utilizing for the CD cover.

Actually, I should say plural covers….


The idea this time was inspired by this image of the members splattering red paint across 1000 individual sleeves using their hands and feet. I love the level of personalization that’s coming from this. Every fan gets a unique cover, and you get the fun of wondering which member of the group walked across your sleeve! Is that a Rei handprint, an Anna footprint, did Waka make this wild splatter? It’s a pretty brilliant idea!

So we were thinking, let’s return the favor to the girls. We can each make our own completely 100% unique statement of dedication and share it online. It’s simple, grab some red paint and make a sign to display online. You can also use ketchup, food coloring, ink, or anything else red. (I don’t encourage you to use your actual blood, though. Be careful, please.) Use a paintbrush, or even your hands and feet to make a nice, messy, “Painfully Violent” sign and show the world that Guso Drop is your favorite hardcore idol group.


If you wish, take a selfie with you and your sign, or perhaps even also show off your copy of the new album if you’ve received it. It’s a wide open project. Post your artwork on twitter and any other social media with the hashtag #PainfullyViolent …. That’s it! It’s a simple gesture, and the best part is, we already know from past experience that the members of the group are going to love it. I know quite well that the level of fandom that Guso Drop inspires is intensive, so I think this could be our biggest project yet.

So again gang, this will happen on Monday, May 22nd, all day long and anytime afterwards as well. An expressive and #PainfullyViolent statement to Guso Drop. And just like the group, and just like you, each statement will be unique, but yet unified. Now get to work!!!






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